Week 3 Reflection: Body Language

Monday, February 4, 2013
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Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 3.54.41 PMThis week I read about a Valentine’s Day activity talking about body language and gestures. This was posted by Cecilia Lemos of her blog Box of Chocolates. I thought it was really good! She took a romantic love song in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and played it for her students with no sound on. There was sign language in the video she chose to use. The students then had to discuss what they thought each of the signs meant by how the body language looked. The students then had time to discuss what they thought each gesture meant and got to watch it once more without the sound before getting to watch it with sound to check their answers. They then had a discussion about how close body language and sign language were and if the gestures makes sense with the words. I thought this was incredibly creative and very hands on. It can accompany a variety of learning styles and if I was going to be a language arts teacher I would be all over this!

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